Tips to Tidy Shower Doors

Tips to Tidy Shower Doors

Bathroom doors tend to build up soap scum or hard water spots over time, and Although there are commercial cleaners that promise to keep your shower doors shiny, you can actually keep them looking good in a regular routine with just a few supplies and cleaning tools from your pantry.

How Often to Clean Shower Doors

Ideally, shower glass should be cleaned after every shower. A quick spritz with a cleaner and a wipe down with a squeegee will make a thorough, weekly cleaning very easy. If soap scum is allowed to build up on the doors, cleaning can become a time-consuming and difficult task. 

Here is other 4 ways for you to clean a glass shower door to be considered which I think can also give you a help.

What You'll Need

Equipment/ Tools
Window squeegee
Spray bottle
Microfiber cloth
Microwave-safe bowl


Distilled White Vinegar
Lemon juice
Rubbing alcohol
Hydrogen peroxide
Dishwashing liquid
Dishwasher rinsing agent
Windshield rain repellent
Dryer sheets


How to Clean Shower Doors With a Vinegar Solution
The acid in vinegar will help cut through soap scum on glass and acrylic doors, resulting in a sparkling shine.

1. Mix a Vinegar Cleaning Solution
Pour one cup of distilled white vinegar into a microwaveable bowl and heat for 30 to 45 seconds. Pour the warm vinegar into a spray bottle, then add a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

2. Spray on the Solution
Starting at the top of the shower door, mist the area heavily. Allow the solution to sit and work for at least five minutes.
3. Scrub, Rinse, and Wipe Down Doors
Starting again at the top of the door, scrub with a sponge. Rinse the doors with water, drying them down the doors with a microfiber cloth.


While you should never use a scouring pad or an abrasive brush on glass doors, dryer sheets provide a bit of gentle abrasion that can help remove tough spots of soap scum.

How to Clean Shower Doors With Lemon Juice

Lemons are not quite as acidic as vinegar, but they do smell nicer and will clean the glass if you add a bit more elbow grease. Again, do not use lemon juice if you have a natural stone shower floor.

1. Mix a Lemon Cleaning Solution

Lemon juice isn't as acidic as vinegar, but it smells better and still has cleaning power. For lighter cases of soap scum build-up, mix lemon juice and warm water together in a bowl.

2. Apply the Solution, Wait, Scrub, and Dry
Starting at the top of the shower door, spray on the solution. Wait five minutes and then scrub with a sponge. No rinsing is needed. Dry and shine the door with a microfiber cloth.

Tips to Keep Shower Doors Clean Longer

Squeegee water from doors after every use.
Use a daily cleaning spray to prevent soap scum build-up.
Coat the doors with a windshield rain repellent to help water slide off the doors. Never use the repellent on shower floors, because it will make them slippery and hazardous.
If you live in a hard water area, add a water softening system to your home.
If soap scum is a problem, switch from bar soap to a liquid body wash. Ingredients in bar soap are more reactive with minerals in water.