3 Tips to Get an Ideal Bathroom

3 Tips to Get an Ideal Bathroom

The bathroom is the most private second space other than the bedroom, after a day of hard work back from work, we always want to take a hot bath to relax and relieve fatigue, or in the sunny morning, freshen up, get out and enjoy the sunlight fresh.

The benefit of daily bathing is to eliminate fatigue: bathing is the most basic means to eliminate skin dirt and keep the skin healthy. Daily bathing can not only wash off the dirt, various secretions and dandruff on the surface of the skin, but also improve the blood circulation of the skin and muscles, which has the effect of eliminating fatigue and strengthening the skin.

But the bathroom is often faced with several problems, the first is that the bathroom is not well ventilated and prone to humidity. The second is the lack of sunlight. The third is the choice of a shower without a shower door installed, making cleaning difficult. These three points all affect the bathing experience.

Below, we will list some tips that can make your bathroom an ideal one. 

Choose Frameless Shower Doors

Whether you are building a bathroom that separates wet from dry, or ensuring that the bathroom gets enough natural light and is it looks brighter, bigger and more airy, choosing a proper shower door is an ideal solution.

Shower doors are usually divided into frameless one and framed one. framed bathroom doors are generally more common style, the inner and outer frame is generally made of aluminum and stainless steel, directly embedded in the wall material with better stability and sealing. The price is generally affordable, but because of the frame, the bathroom will look more confined and small, not enough atmosphere.

On the contrary, frameless sliding shower doors, this type of shower doors without surrounding frame material. Some of them are made of stainless steel tie rods, rollers with reinforced glass composition. And this type of frameless shower doors are crafted with smooth lines, simple and sharp sense of design, which help enhance the overall texture of the bathroom, making the bathroom looks bright and luxurious. Of course, this price is higher than traditional framed shower door’s, but worth every penny.

Keep the Glass Clean and Tidy

Bathrooms usually have a lot of glassware, such as sink cups, mirrors, shower doors, windows. Cleaning these glass items in your bathroom may seem easy, the results are half the battle. Thoroughly clean the windows inside and out and you will soon see how much dirt has collected blocking the sunlight and making your bathroom look translucent. But cleaning glass products usually sounds easy and but actually is very difficult, especially in the shower where there is a lot of water use. Here I recommend that you buy shower doors with a double layer of nano-coating from a professional USA shower door manufacturer for a more hassle-free and easy cleaning, and there are usually blogs on how to clean them on their websites.

Using mirrors

Installing mirrors in your bathroom can amplify and enhance the light in your bathroom. Some people's home bathrooms are usually dark and using mirrors can direct the light to where you want it to be. Here I would recommend that you can make a bathroom LED mirror with defogging function and light adjustment function, which can keep your mirror with clear reflection.

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