How to Remove A Restroom Mirror?

How to Remove A Restroom Mirror?

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Replacing a restroom mirror is one of the easiest means to change the look of any washroom. Unfortunately, if your existing mirror is safeguarded directly to the wall, removing it can be a bit a lot more involved than you 'd initially assume. Frameless washroom mirrors (or building contractor mirrors) can either be connected to the wall with sticky on the back or with clips screwed to the wall around the mirror's perimeter. As a result, eliminating them calls for a details procedure that needs to be made with treatment.

The good news? It's still a fairly fast and easy task that can be carried out with very little devices or experience. Whether your mirror is protected with glue or clips, read on to find out exactly how to get rid of a restroom mirror securely as well as properly.

Prior to You Start
Mirrors are heavy and also vulnerable, so it's finest to deal with an assistant who can hold and support the mirror while it's being removed. Also, lay down surface protection-- like cardboard or ground cloth-- over the neighboring sink and vanity to safeguard them from damage.

Safety and security Factors to consider
Together with protecting surrounding surfaces, it is essential to protect yourself from cuts in situation the glass shatters during removal. To avoid cuts from damaged glass and also sharp sides, you and also your partner should be geared up with:
  • Long-sleeved t shirts
  • Long trousers
  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Thick work handwear covers
  • Eye security

You ought to also use numerous strips of tape, in a crisscross pattern or an X over the majority of the mirror, to the mirrored surface. Doing so will certainly protect against smashing and will help hold bigger fragments of glass in position if the mirror does wind up splitting.

What You'll Require

  • Equipment/ Tools
  • Warmth weapon or impact dryer
  • Crowbar or huge putty knife
  • Wire saw, piano string, or guitar string
  • Shatterproof glass
  • Thick job handwear covers
  • Surface security (canvas drop cloth or cardboard).


Duct tape, painter's tape, or another type of strong tape


Removing a Washroom Mirror Glued to the Wall.
1. Soften the Glue.
Making use of a heat weapon or strike dryer, begin warming up the corners of the mirror by holding the warm resource 6 to 12 inches away from the glass. Progressively work your method from each corner to the facility of the mirror.

Continue this procedure for a minimum of 15 mins to loosen the glue holding the mirror to the wall.

2. Pry the Mirror From the Wall surface.
With your partner holding the mirror securely, make use of a lever or huge putty knife to tear the corners of the mirror from the wall surface. Glide the blade of the bar or blade right into one of the mirror's corners, and also begin gradually and also gently drawing the manage in the direction of you until the edge is loosened from the wall surface. Repeat this procedure on each edge till all 4 hang. Continue spying each of the four sides while gradually working toward the center of the mirror.

You may have the ability to entirely get rid of smaller sized mirrors with spying alone, in which situation you can avoid to tip 4. For bigger mirrors that will not completely different from the wall surface by prying, continue to the next step.

3. Saw Via the Adhesive.
Take a cord saw, piano string, or guitar string, and realize it strongly in each hand. Slip the cable in between the mirror and wall surface at one of the top edges of the mirror, and relocate the cable diagonally toward the center until you fulfill resistance at the adhesive. Begin "sawing" via the sticky by moving the wire in a back-and-forth activity. Continue sawing up until you're approximately 3/4 of the way to the bottom of the mirror.

If cutting the sticky ends up being as well hard at any kind of point, you can use more heat and gentle spying.

4. Eliminate the Mirror From the Wall.
Now, you as well as your assistant ought to be able to pull the mirror bizarre. Draw gradually and very carefully to decrease the risk of the glass smashing.

Removing a Bathroom Mirror Clipped to The Wall.
1. Get Rid Of the Side Clips.
Make use of a putty blade or screwdriver to remove the clips holding the sides of the mirror. If the screws spin in position yet do not appear, that means they're likely screwed into the drywall as opposed to a wall surface stud. When that's the case, understand the clip with your non-dominant hand while carefully pulling it away from the wall as you loosen it with your leading hand.

Once eliminated, set the clips and also screws aside, and also save them in a bag so you don't shed them.

2. Loosen Up the Bottom Clips.
Loosen, but don't eliminate, the bottom clips until they're no longer limited versus the mirror. Have your companion hold all-time low of the mirror in case it inadvertently leaves the wall surface.

3. Remove the Leading Clips as well as the Mirror.
With your partner holding the mirror, eliminate the mirror's leading clips. Once the clips are gotten rid of, understand one side of the mirror while your partner gets the various other. Delicately raise the mirror out of the loosened base clips and also carefully established the mirror apart.

When to Call an Expert.
If your restroom mirror is especially big, covers the whole wall, or is otherwise challenging to gain access to, it could be smart to employ an expert contractor or glass installer to remove it. You might additionally take into consideration working with a professional if the mirror's adhesive shows as well hard to remove on your own.